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Ethereum’s return to all-time high accompanied by 77% rise in transaction fees

A 31% price surge was accompanied by a 77% rise in the cost of transacting on Ethereum. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post was originally published

Altcoin Watch Analysis CRYPTOCURRENCIES Cryptocurrency Exchange Enjin Ethereum 2.0 FEES Markets NFT

3 reasons why Enjin (ENJ) price has rallied 800% over the last month

New partnerships, the growing popularity of NFT art and the upcoming launch of JumpNet are just a few reasons why Enjin has rallied more than


Gas tokens gain 300% as the quest for Ethereum network alternatives expands

Gas tokens quietly move higher as the cost of transacting on the Ethereum network highlights the benefits of dual-token models with stable fees. Cointelegraph By

Altcoins FEES Transactions

Bitcoin and Ethereum slow down as transaction values and fees plunge 70%

On-chain metrics for both cryptocurrencies show a marked decrease in the dollar value of transactions and the subsequent transaction fees. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post

Altcoins Ethereum 2.0 FEES Social Media Transactions

Ethereum-based social media project shuts down as ETH fees approach new highs

Ether transaction fees increased by over 35,000% in the past year, forcing one social media tokenization project to close down. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post


Is Ethereum the Future of DeFi? Scalability and Cost Issues Open Door for Cardano and Polkadot

As Ethereum continues to struggle with scalability and cost—traders continue to question the limitations of the Ethereum network and whether it really is the future