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WINk (WIN) soars as retail DeFi investors flee high Etheruem gas costs

WINk’s low-cost yield farming offerings are attracting retail DeFi investors who have been priced out of Uniswap due to high Ethereum gas costs. Cointelegraph By

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Decentraland’s MANA token hits new ATH with Atari set to build in-world casino

MANA’s surge was followed by Atari’s ATRI token, and Decentral Games’ DG token — all three of which soared to new all-time highs in the

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Ultra (UOS) hits a new all-time high as blockchain gaming and NFTs boom

Ultra gains momentum as the popularity of NFTs and cross-chain interoperability help propel UOS token to new highs. Cointelegraph By Jordan FinnesethThis post was originally

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Arcade classic Street Fighter II launches NFTs on WAX blockchain

It’s shaping up to be the year in which NFTs go mainstream, thanks to successful releases by a number of household names. Cointelegraph By Cyrus