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IoTeX (IOTX) rallies 300% after DeFi and Amazon Web Services integration

IoTeX soared to a new all-time high after partnering with the Amazon Web Services network and integrating with multiple DeFi platforms. Cointelegraph By Jordan FinnesethThis

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IoT growth, partnerships, ease of mining drive Helium (HNT) price higher

Helium token soared to a new all-time high as the number of active nodes increases and the community begins making key governance decisions. Cointelegraph By

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IOTA Announces Chrysalis Phase 2 Public Testnet is Now Live

IOTA’s network upgrade, Chrysalis has recently launched its public testnet. Chrysalis, also known as IOTA 1.5, is IOTA’s intermediate stage. (Read More) mycryptonewsmycryptonews.buzzThis post was