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5 key reasons why Bitcoin will likely see new all-time highs soon

On-chain data suggests Bitcoin price will likely breakout to a new all-time-high soon as whales, miners and long-term hodlers turn bullish again. Cointelegraph By Chris


Bitcoin Miners Are Not Selling But Accumulating Their Crypto Funds

Glassnode data shows that miners are not willing to sell their Bitcoins amid a market wide exchange shortage of the cryptocurrency. The shortage comes as

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Bitcoin sell-off over? Strong 'buy the dip' signal flashes for the first time in 5 months

Bitcoin is retesting a key support level at $44K-$45K for the third time in the past week. Cointelegraph By Allen ScottThis post was originally published

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BTC miners pocket $4M in 60 minutes, the highest hourly revenue in Bitcoin's history

Bitcoin mining fundamentals are growing stronger as miners are making a killing from higher BTC price Cointelegraph By Joseph YoungThis post was originally published on

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These 5 charts show why Bitcoin price failed to break $35K

Selling and frantic trading continue while exchanges see more BTC enter than leave. Cointelegraph By William SubergThis post was originally published on here*