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Altcoins GPU MINING NVidia Proof-of-Stake Proof-of-Work

Bitmain's new Ether ASIC mining rig may not fix GPU shortage after all

A new Ether ASIC mining rig is on the way, but will it help ease Nvidia’s GPU problems? Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post was originally


Bitcoin Falls to $60K amid a Sharp Drop in Hash Rate and Turkey's Crypto Payment Ban

Bitcoin fell below the $61K level for the first time today due to the decline in hash power of Chinese mining pools and the ban

Altcoins Binance Coinbase CRYPTOCURRENCIES Cryptocurrency Exchange Markets MINING Web3

New Kind of Network (NKN) gains 340% to become ‘the biggest blockchain in the world’

NKN price rallied to a new all-time high as the number of full consensus nodes on the network surpassed 67,000. Cointelegraph By Jordan FinnesethThis post

Altcoins BITCOIN MINING CRYPTOCURRENCIES Energy Energy Consumption Environment MINING

No ‘blood coin’ for Kevin O’Leary as investor takes stand on Bitcoin energy consumption

“Blood coin,” “clean coin” and maybe even “virgin coin” will become commonplace phrases as Bitcoin’s environmental concerns continue to rage. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post

Altcoins BITCOIN MINING MINING Mining Pools Zcash

Argo Blockchain to launch clean energy Bitcoin mining pool

Hydroelectric energy will power a new Bitcoin mining pool following Argo’s partnership with DMG Blockchain. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post was originally published on here*


Are Bitcoin Miners The Most Violent People on Earth? Climate Journalist Eric Holthaus Seems to Think So

Eric Holthaus has criticized Bitcoin miners, describing them as violent people. (Read More) mycryptonewsmycryptonews.buzzThis post was originally published on here*

Analysis Hash rate Market Analysis Markets MINING price prediction

Bitcoin network's computing power: Is it an accurate predictor of BTC price?

Drops in Bitcoin’s hash rate coincided with some big BTC price corrections in the past. Cointelegraph By Marcel PechmanThis post was originally published on here*

Altcoins MINING Proof-of-Stake VITALIK BUTERIN

Ethereum at a crossroads: Ether community turmoil over miner reward fees

Ether miners coming out in force against the Ethereum Improvement Proposal that can slash the reward ratio by over 50%. Cointelegraph By Shiraz JagatiThis post


RTX 3060 Ether mining accidentally unlocked by Nvidia’s own update

Nvidia’s own software update inadvertently removed the RTX 3060’s Ether-mining hash rate limiter. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post was originally published on here*

Analysis Bitcoin BTC MINING

Bitcoin miner sell-off fears as Puell Multiple nears ‘red zone’ last seen at 2017 peak

A return to the peak of the 2017 bull market could signal “major macro highs” for Bitcoin, but this time, institutions are here, says analyst