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VORTECS Report: Coinbase NewsQuake drives Markets Pro gains as Enjin soars

As the Coinbase Effect sends Enjin and other crypto tokens skyward, Markets Pro subscribers benefit from headlines delivered directly to their mobile devices. Cointelegraph By

ALTCOIN Altcoins CRYPTO Filecoin markets pro newsquake Storj vortecs

VORTECS Report: Storage coins rev up gains as Markets Pro rides the green wave

Cointelegraph Markets Pro delivered a market-moving NewsQuake on Storj to subscribers this week, while the VORTECS Score picked up bullish conditions for Filecoin. Cointelegraph By

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Markets Pro delivers up to 1,497% ROI as quant-style crypto analysis arrives for every investor

41 of the 42 trading strategies tested by Markets Pro are currently beating Bitcoin’s investment returns, and 36 of them are winning against an evenly-weighted