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RTX 3060 Ether mining accidentally unlocked by Nvidia’s own update

Nvidia’s own software update inadvertently removed the RTX 3060’s Ether-mining hash rate limiter. Cointelegraph By Greg ThomsonThis post was originally published on here*

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Nvidia RTX 3060 mines Ether at full power as miners allegedly bypass hash limits

Nvidia’s plans to separate gaming and mining demand could be foiled after a custom modification allegedly bypassed the RTX 3060’s Ether mining limitations. Cointelegraph By

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Nvidia wins legal battle over $1B in sales of crypto mining hardware after 3 years

Top GPU manufacturer Nvidia is celebrating after a judge nixed the lawsuit accusing it of misleading investors by “understating” GPU sales to crypto miners. Cointelegraph


Nvidia supply shortage won’t stop $50M Q1 crypto miner sales, says CFO

A perfect storm consisting of COVID-19, supply shortages and surging crypto prices has resulted in the best financial quarter in Nvidia’s history, as the stock

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GPU hardware firm riles gaming community by flirting with crypto miners

Hungry for coin? A computing hardware firm has angered gamers after apparently marketing the already scarce Nvidia RTX 30 series to cryptocurrency miners. Cointelegraph By


Time for a crypto GPU? Gamers and miners spar over scarce top hardware

New GPU cards for mining are on the way, but the demand is too great. So, what are manufacturers doing to solve the shortage? Cointelegraph

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Top crypto mining hardware to expect in 2021

With crypto mining gaining momentum, here’s the newest products coming out in 2021 and what Bitcoin miners should look to buy. Cointelegraph By Elena PerezThis