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51% attack Altcoins Blockchain attack News reorg Verge XVG

Verge of disaster: 200 days transactions wiped from blockchain

Verge has been hit by a huge blockchain reorganization, resulting in more than six months worth of transactions and balances vanishing. However, devs claim it

Altcoins Bitcoin ETHEREUM NANO STATUS Verge

Crypto Market's Biggest Price Moves Today: Status (SNT), Verge (XVG), and NANO

As the crypto market crossed the $1 trillion market cap, Status, Verge, and Nano comes off as the coins with the biggest daily gains in

Altcoins CRYPTOCURRENCIES Mastercard Porn Verge VISA xvg price

Verge, XVG price get a helping hand as Visa and MasterCard cut off Pornhub

A stagnant price period seems at an end as Pornhub is forced to go full crypto for payments. Cointelegraph By William SubergThis post was originally